Best Tour Guides Of Istanbul City

Best Tour Guides Of Istanbul

Discovering Istanbul city with the assistance of a tour guide highly recommended. Because Turkish tour guides are very well educated on their field. Being a tour guide is a professional and full time job. Tour guides generally have very good knowledge already and they improve themselves over years as well.

Istanbul city offers surprising travel experiences that you might not be able to come across by yourself easily. Hiring a private tour guide might help a lot, especially to get a good apperception about the facts of this interesting city. The reason that I particularly advice hiring a guide is; Istanbul has 2600 years of history. Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires reigned for hundreds of years.

Besides, Istanbul one of the biggest city in the earth with the population of 18 million. Your tour guide might also help you use the time efficiently. Guides are able to offer you comprehensible and doable itineraries considering your interests and needs.

Bosphorus Tours In Istanbul
Bosphorus Tours In Istanbul

Recommendation For Best Tour Guide Experience

Serhat Engul is a licensed tour guide in Istanbul. Serhat has been working as a private tour guide in Istanbul for 12 years. He might help you get a great overall information about this great capital of empires.

Serhat has a practical web site to book your tours as well. The web site is named as Private Istanbul Tour Guide and the url is:

Best Tour Guides Of Istanbul
Best tour guides of Istanbul
Booking A Tour Guide In Istanbul

Furhter Information About Istanbul

His second website is a very user friendly travel blog. It gives a lot of information about the city. It has very useful visuals as well; including touristic maps, travel guides and great photos.

The Istanbul Clues travel blog also contains useful information about booking a tour guide in Istanbul. Especially this article contains great deal of information by pointing out to crucial details.

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Istanbul’da Bogaz Gezisi

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